Usefull guides/keys and Sites

Vice County Boundaries. VC

A place to submit your wildlife records for South East Wales, no matter how common your find.

Web ID resource with links to many sites that aid in the identification of British Wildlife.

German site for the identification of  Beetles.  Beetle key (Coleoptera) 
Google Translate for the above Translate
Beetle Recording. Beetles
Mark Telfer blog Beetle section. Beetles
Beetle news. Beetles
Watford Coleoptera Group. Beetles
Mike's Insect keys with good keys to various Beetles. Beetles

Key to Spiders. Spiders
Spiders  genitalia Spiders
Spiders recording. Spiders

"Summary information about the distribution and ecology of Collembola (springtails) in the UK and Ireland". Collembola
Collembola world checklist. Collembola
Frans Janssens...helps with identification through Flickr. Collembola

Orthoptera species accounts. Orthoptera

The Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland Snail keys. Mollusca
MolluscIreland. Mollusca
Key to the Snails of the Bristol Region (PDF). Mollusca
Terrestrial Mollusc tool with instruction on Dissection. Mollusca
Marine Bivalve Shells of the British Isles. Mollusca

Keys for the identification of British and Irish nocturnal Ichneumonidae (PDF). Ichneumonidae
Identification key to the subfamilies of Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera)(PDF). Ichneumonidae

Interactive Key to Common French Ants. Ants

Pug Moths of Lanchishire (PDF). Pug Moths

Micro Fungi mostly found on leaves (PDF). Rusts
The Rust Fungi of the British Isles (can be found on this link). Rust Fungi
A quick learning key for the macroscopic identification of Waxcaps (PDF). Waxcaps
Keys for Macrofungi. Fungi

Heathland and grassland lichens: a key to south-eastern English Cladonia (PDF). Cladonia

Various can also be found here, worth checking the site regularly for test keys.

British Bugs

Earkring Birds


UK Moths

Eggs, Larvae, Pupae of Leps.

Moth dissection group

Leaf Miners

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