Monday, 13 January 2014

White slugs

Came across an interesting article earlier on the Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland website...The White Slug of Storr.

I found slugs to be a tricky bunch to get on with, it was not until Ben Rowson gave me a lesson on dissecting that i slowly became familiar with them. I've also now learnt to appreciate them more and even tolerate them as a Gardener. They've become a group i regularly look out for and I'd really like to find one of those white ones. Don't get me wrong, I've found white slugs, but want to find one from a species that's not usually that colour, like the one in the above link or a nice big Limax spp.

Here are some of those slugs that are usually found some shade of white in my area. Perhaps the most well known for Wales in recent history is the "newly" discovered Selenochlamys ysbryda - Ghost slug. I find these regularly at two sites local to me, one in Bargoed and the other under Hengoed Viaduct.

Ghost slug from behind the fuel station Bargoed

Another introduced species Boettgerilla pallens - Worm Slug. Its becoming a common slug, I've found it at a good number of sites locally.

Worm slug.

Worm slug.

The more familiar, especially to the gardener, is Deroceras reticulatum - Field Slug. These can be fairly variable in colour and pattern, I've seen whiter D. reticulatum than this but not got any photos of one. Another similar here is D. agreste, these are mostly a northern slug, don't think there are any confirmed sightings for Wales.

Field slug

Arion intermedius - Hedgehog Slug, another commonly found slug but can be easily overlooked.

Hedgehog slug

Would also like to find more pink slugs, like this baby slug here...possible Deroceras reticulatum?

Tiny pink slug.

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  1. Hi Christian, I'd like to use your image of a ghost slug in our slug identification guide and Slug Trumps If you're happy to make the image available and be credited, or if you have any questions please email me TristandotMacLeanATbbsrcdotacdotuk thanks Tristan