Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Old Quarry - Flyash Bottle Tip

Managed a quick visit to an old flyash bottle tip earlier. Turning a few stones produced the usual sight of Trichoniscus pusillus agg, Trichoniscus pygmaeus, Lithobius variegatus, Nemastoma bimaculatum and a few others common for the site.

This particular spot is also good for Dilta chateri, a Bristletail. They can usually be found here in good numbers by sifting through the mixture of ash and leaf litter.

Further on is a 4x4ft piece of old ply-board, often very productive no matter what time of year. The board itself is usually crawling with life, today was rather quiet though. There where a few Millipedes scuttling about, the main identifiable were Melogona scutellaris, Brachydesmus superus and Blaniulus guttulatus.

There are a few broads like this in the area, all of which have a small network of mice runs. Its always worth while checking through these runs for Beetles. This one has recently produced two Choleva spp for me, November just gone, this particular board produced Choleva spadicea and today a first for me in the form of C. jeanneli. While C. oblonga was found under another this December gone.

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