Friday, 10 January 2014

In Ruins

Had a nose about an old cottage yesterday, it’s one of a number i search through locally. Always good places to look for those mini beasts, I mostly concentrate my search under the stone that’s lying about, leaving the standing walls alone…a scan over only here.

Some of yesterdays finds…

The smooth (common shiny) woodlouse - Oniscus asellus, one of the famous five. This one in the photo is of Oniscus asellus ssp. asellus, this form seems to be the one i encounter the most. I've found pure populations of Oniscus asellus ssp. occidentalis (shown here in the link)...(More info on these can be found by searching out "Intraspecific variation in the terrestrial Isopod Oniscus asellus by David T. Bilton"). Other woodlice were the Common Striped - Philoscia muscorum and Common Pygmy - Trichoniscus pusillus agg.

A few Myriapods were found, total of five identified. Several small Lithobius microps, they tend to curl up if you blow over them. Geophilus insculptus, Geophilus truncorum, Tachypodoiulus niger and lastly Nanogona polydemoides shown here in the photo.

Very few slugs, Arion flagellus and Arion hortensis were mostly noted. Arion hortensis in the photo..

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