Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Aberbargoed Tip.

Lapwings have been missing as a nesting bird on here for a number of years, mostly down to the off road motorbikes that now use the top as a track. I wonder how much of a difference it would be, if any, to the ridiculous idea of re-landscaping (many tiers) this tip if they where still here?

I don’t now why they just don’t leave things alone. If they want to improve on the site, then just tidy it up. Stop the motorbikes, put in some foot paths, improve the culverts etc. Make it into a monument for all those miners that lost their lives in Welsh coal mines. These tips have a lot of history behind them…

A good few years back they wanted to push the tip over onto what’s now known as Aberbargoed Grasslands (locally as The Welfare, Enid’s and Mucky Woods), the Marsh Fritillary soon put a stop to that. Then I heard (not sure how true) they wanted to truck the lot away to another project some where in Cardiff. It’s been regarded as an eyesore by a number of councillors and developers, all wanting to make their stamp on this world. I say “Do one” leave it the well alone, it has become an important habitat for a large variety of wildlife and it compliments Aberbargoed Grasslands very well. Its by far from being a blot on the landscape...

Views from the top of the Tip

View down the valley looking over Aberbargoed Grasslands

View up the Valley toward the Brecon Beacons

View toward Bargoed , Gilfach etc, over looking the remnants of what used to be the largest man made tip in Europe...The Green tip

Some of the Habitats found on this very large colliery spoil heap.

South West to West facing side.

West to North West facing side

North facing side

On top of

South facing side

The last photo is of one of the drainage culverts for the tip, it is the divide between the tip and Aberbargoed Grasslands. A walk up here in the summer will produce a fair number of species. Some of my favorites, to name but a few, are Grayling in good numbers, Dingy Skipper in good numbers, Amara praetermissa in good numbers (best searched for at night) and the occasional A. equestris mixed in with A. praetermissa.

Amara equestris

Amara praetermissa

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